2022 VASCAN Founders Award

Call for Nominations

The Virginia Alliance for Security Computing and Networking (VASCAN) is soliciting nominations for the 2022 VASCAN Founders Award (Formerly the Shirley Payne IT Security Advancement Award). Details are outlined below, and anyone associated with VASCAN or the broader Commonwealth of Virginia (COV) information security community can submit a nomination.

About the Award

In 2015, VASCAN established this award in honor of Shirley Payne, one of the founding members of VASCAN, a former information security officer at the University of Virginia, and an extraordinarily generous collaborator regarding information security in Virginia and beyond. In the following years, each of the founders of VASCAN was recognized for their contributions to establishing the VASCAN. The VASCAN Founders Award recognizes special efforts toward strengthening IT security within the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is given annually to an information security professional, manager, or auditor who has: 

• Contributed to the Virginia information security community notably; or, 

• Joined the community and exhibited an admirable commitment to developing, in themselves and others, the skills necessary to execute and advance an information security program. 

As relates to a COV information security program or the COV IT security community, successful nominees will exhibit one or more of the following: 

• Outstanding information security accomplishment(s) 

• Extraordinary service related to information security 

• Inspiring leadership in one or more areas of IT security 

• Extraordinary enthusiasm, energy, and or teamwork in the advancement of information security 

• Exemplary effort to nurture a climate of understanding and acceptance of IT Security principles 

• Creativity or innovation in advancing IT security processes and solutions 

• Effectiveness in applying or garnering the support of IT Security Principles 

The award will be presented at the annual VASCAN conference in October.


To Submit a Nomination

Send a Founders Award Nomination by September 16, 2022, Doug Streit, 2021 VASCAN Founders Award Committee Chair. 


Previous Award Winners

2020 Dr. Hongyi Wu, Old Dominion University

2019 Mark DeDomenic, Old Dominion University

2018 David Raymond, Virginia Cyber Range Virginia Tech

2017 Dan Han, Virginia Commonwealth University 


Founders Awarded

Cathy Hubbs, American University

Randy Marchany, Virginia Tech

Wayne Donald, Virginia Tech

Shirley Payne, University of Virginia

Darlene Quackenbush, James Madison University